Let’s keep it real: Living an authentic life of pleasure and success isn’t always easy. 

And that’s why when you look in the mirror every morning, you know you could have more. 

Sure, some parts of your life look great, but there’s still something missing. 

You long for more. You know your life could be better, full of pleasure, laughter, joy and authentic success. 

You’re done putting effort into everything and everyone but yourself. 

But ... you’re stuck on how to make it all happen. So, you go through your day as you usually would – struggling to get where you want to go and be at peace with who you really are. 

Sound familiar? 

If so, you’re going to love the S.A.S.S. (Supreme Acceptance of your Sensual Self) Mentorship Program. It’s a one-on-one coaching program designed for women like you who are yearning to live a full sensual life of fulfillment and success. 

Yes I'm ready to step into my power

During the program, I’ll lovingly take you by the virtual hand and guide you on an eye-opening mental and emotional journey to: 

  • Uncover genuine feminine fulfillment 
  • Abandon the need to conform with masculine energy and ideals of success 
  • Live an authentic pleasure filled life and emerge as the best version of you 
  • Use sensual movement as a tool for self expression
  • Find the confidence and self-worth to excel in every endeavor you pursue 
  • Form nourishing daily lifestyle habits and pleasure rituals that fuel your mind, body and soul 
  • And much more 

You see, our time on this planet is too short to live anything other than a life full of pleasure and fulfillment. 

Ready to drench yourself in pleasure and fulfillment and discover how to embrace your true sensual self every day?


 Find out if the S.A.S.S. Mentorship Program is right for you by clicking the “Apply Now” button below. 

Now, I want you to apply because before we spend a minimum of 4 weeks together, I want to make sure this program is a perfect fit for you. If I review your application and feel confident we’re a good match for each other, I’ll swing open the doors and welcome you with open arms. 


Melissa M.

"I came to Lily after going through a rough breakup. I was feeling really insecure and wanted to remember who I was and feel good about myself and my body again. Since working 1:1 with Lily I’m wearing shorts for the first time in 10 years, I’m not speaking negatively to myself and I’m confident in my body without the crutches of alcohol or the party scene.”

Aresa J.

"Working with Lily has reminded me that it’s ok to go after exactly what the hell I want and own my sexuality at all times. After struggling with body dysmorphia for years I am now able to embrace all of my feminine energy and bask in it’s glow.”

Jaymie H.

"Before working with Lily, carrying myself with confidence & charisma every day was a struggle. My shyness often got in the way of living up to my full potential. Lily's knowledge and guidance has been a blessing on my journey to becoming a more confident version of myself."

Infusion of S.A.S.S

4 weeks

  • 2 sensual movement lessons
  • 2 coaching sessions
  • Personalized movement meditation
  • Creating & Maintaining Boundaries Audio Training 

Deep Sensual Dive

90 days

Most Popular

  • 6 Sensual Movement Lessons
  • 6 Coaching Sessions
  • Personalized Movement Meditation
  • Creating & Maintaining Boundaries Audio Training
  • Bad Bitch Energy Dance Tutorial

Complete Pleasure Embodiment

6 months

  • 12 Sensual Movement Lessons
  • 12 coaching sessions
  • Personalized Movement Meditation
  • Creating & Maintaining Boundaries Audio Training
  • Bad Bitch Energy Dance Tutorial
  • Access to Monthly Online Pop-up Classes